Our interior design

Our decor is a mixture of old and new furniture, all with our own unique Condeco expression. We buy much of our furniture from antique dealers or at auctions and many of them we dress with kelim carpets. The kelim carpets are 60-70 years old and are originally from Iran. Some of our furniture are made in our small furniture factory in Gothenburg, producing furniture with great craftsmanship.



  Our glass lamps and chandeliers are our own design and are manufactured in Småland. Our fine lampshades are made out of our empty coffee sacks and the bricks in the brick walls are from an old church in Skåne. All Condeco’s have there own charm and you'll find unique features in all our facilities.


You can get a small preview, here on the website and on our Facebook page, but the best is of course to visit us in reality. Welcome by to have a look!


Are you interested in having your own Condeco-armchair at home? Please contact info@condeco.com for more information.